Wellness Programs
Wellness Programs
Wellness Programs

Wellness Programs

Enrich your company culture and improve overall employee mental and physical wellness with our A Snail’s Pace Coached Training Programs. Featuring group running/fitness training programs for your employees, that provide the tools and encouragement they need in a fun, accountability-based atmosphere. Led by Michelle Montiel, Running Academy Director, of 20 years.

Why Have A Wellness Program

1) Improves Employee Health Behaviors
Behavior change is at the core of a wellness program with the right education, motivation, skills, tools, and social support, people’s behavior change. Wellness programs are good at helping people adopt and foster healthy behavior, which makes it one of the benefit attractions to having a wellness program for your employees.

2) Reduces Elevated Health Risks

High blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, and elevated blood glucose, to name a few, are almost all caused by unhealthy habits and lack of physical activity. The focal point of a wellness program is helping employees adopt and maintain healthier behaviors that lower health risks. Research has shown that within six weeks, health risks improve. At the same time, maintaining healthy behaviors, experience fewer health risks for six weeks, six months, twelve months, and even out to eighteen months after the wellness program began. When you change diet and become active, great things happen.

3) Improves Productivity

Unhealthy lifestyle choices may result in a loss of workplace productivity. With a wellness program that focuses on helping employees have good health behaviors, worksite wellness and productivity will increase.

4) Can Decrease Absenteeism

Wellness programs can improve employee health. Improving employee health can have an impact on whether or not individuals are absent from work. There is also another reason why wellness programs can have such a big impact on absenteeism. Employees who have high morale are significantly less likely to be absent from work.

5) Builds And Help Sustain High Employee Morale

Employees are healthier but more importantly, happier when you offer a wellness program. You are telling them that you appreciate them, respect them, trust them and that you want them to be successful in their life; that’s when good things happen at work.


What Will Your Employees Receive?

° Web-based “VDOT” Interactive Program connected by STRAVA (free), GARMIN, or COROS.

° Private group STRAVA page that tracks all your activities while being socially connected to motivate and elevate one another.

° Scheduled 2 days per week run/walk your favorite route, treadmill, track, or trails during the week. You have the flexibility and convenience at any time, at your pace.

° Scheduled 1 day per week assisted training every Saturday.

° Opportunity for additional in-person coaching at our weekday Club Runs.

° Pre & Post workout stretch plans, and sport-specific strength training assignments.

° Scheduled 2 days per week sport-specific strength training workouts. Designed to strengthen running muscles and prevent injuries.

° Videos and handouts to guide you through your workouts.

° Scheduled 1 day dedicated to recovery with instructions to help you maximize your fitness gains.

° Fun and informative in-person workshops along with Zoom group meeting workshops and FB Live Videos, led by our Coaches, Team Doctors, and A Snail’s Pace Running Shop Associates on subjects such as sport-specific training, injury prevention, nutrition, gear, and more.

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