3-2-Run Fit Process
Virtual Shoe Fitting
Virtual Shoe Fitting

Schedule A One-On-One Virtual Shoe Fitting

1. What To Expect

Prior To Appointment:

  1. Wear comfortable clothing. For example shorts, capris…so we can see your legs/feet!
  2. Gather footwear you have been using.
  3. Have a measuring tape/ruler handy if possible.
  4. Make a list of any injuries, medical recommendations past and present.
  5. Have a chair and small area to stand or walk for visual assessment.
  6. If possible make a video of your lower legs in action.
  7. Grab your charged phone or devices and let’s go!

2. Schedule Virtual Appointment

A 30 minute, one-on-one virtual shoe fitting process with one of our shoe fitting experts, utilizing ZOOM video chat platform.

3. Interview

We will ask what types of activities past and present you have been active in. A brief discussion about past injuries and/or surgeries including current aches or pains you are experiencing. We will take a look at your current footwear including the upper, outsole and rear view of shoes. Maybe you’re looking to be fit for a sports bra? Yep, we do that too!

4. Measurement

Our associate will use several methods to determine appropriate size including but not limited to reviewing size of current footwear, either on your foot or size indicated on shoe. Removing sockliner (if removable) and having you stand on it. Placing a ruler or tape measure next to each foot measuring length and width.

5. Static & Active Movement

We use several methods to determine footwear needs, we like to see your foot in a non-weighted and weight bearing stance. We want to see your arches, toes, review of bunions and callouses. We might have you stand, walk, balance on one foot, or stand in a “skier squat”. We will review any video you may have or observe your activity on a treadmill or open space. We call it a gait analysis and we’ve been doing it for a really long time!

6. Footwear & Gear Recommendation

This is the best part! We will show you shoes appropriate for your foot type and movement patterns. Perhaps you would benefit from an insole? We can discuss injury prevention tools, socks for comfort and performance or maybe you are looking to try a new nutrition product. Using the virtual sports bra measurement we can show you comfortable and supportive options.

7. Order Shoes Online

Our fit specialist will guide you throughout the ordering process on shop.asnailspace.net to complete your shopping experience. We offer FREE SHIPPING and in most cases your new gear will be on it’s way to you by the next business day!

8. Unboxing Your New Shoes

Awesome your new shoes, or gear from your favorite locally owned and operated running shop have arrived, enjoy them! If you’re not happy, we will be more than happy to assist you in a new virtual fitting to exchange for a better fit or offer you a refund.

9. Expert Advice & Personal Shopping Assistant

Expert Advice

  • Technical questions about shoes or gear like recovery rollers or compression socks? Maybe need help setting up your running watch or nutritional product questions in mind? Schedule a phone call with one of our experts. ASK AN EXPERT

Personal Shopping

  • In need of a shopping friend? Let’s shop talk about ALL the things there’s to know about running apparel & footwear, nutrition, hydration, and bra fittings. SCHEDULE PERSONAL SHOPPING