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Virtual Running Academy

ASP Running Academy has interactive programs starting this Saturday and every Saturday in 5k & 10k, half, or full marathon classes that provide the flexibility that meets and exceeds your personal goals, with virtual expert coaching, accountability, socialization, motivation, and personal convenience.

Our classes utilize V-Dot, which is a web-based program facilitated by your certified running coach Michelle Montiel. Michelle has been coaching for A Snail’s Pace Running Academy for 18 years and has helped countless Academy members achieve their running and fitness goals. Through the assistance of V-dot, all of your workouts will be in one easy to access and follow location on your phone and computer.

Virtual Training Programs begin every Saturday; distance can’t keep us from having fun! SAVE $25 OFF SURF CITY HALF MARATHON VIRTUAL RUNNING PROGRAM. USE ONLINE CODE SC25 DURING CHECKOUT. View below for program details!

Join The Virtual Academy!

The Virtual Running Academy Perks

° Web-based “VDOT” Interactive Program connected by STRAVA(free) or GARMIN

° Private group STRAVA page that tracks all your activities while being socially connected to motivate and elevate one another

° Scheduled 3 days per week run/walk (your favorite route, treadmill, track, or trails, you have the flexibility and convenience at any time, at your pace

° Pre & Post workout stretch plans and sport-specific  strength training assignments

° Scheduled 2 days per week sport-specific strength training workouts, designed to strengthen running muscles and prevent injuries

° Videos and handouts to guide you through your workouts

° Scheduled 1 day dedicated to recovery with instructions to help you maximize your fitness gains

° Fun and informative Zoom group meeting workshops and FB Live Videos, led by Running Academy Coaches, Team Doctors, and A Snail’s Pace Running Shop Associates on subjects such as sport-specific training, injury prevention, nutrition, gear, and more

° Bi-weekly voluntary virtual races if you would like to participate to gauge progress

° 10% discount on all store purchases during the duration of your program

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