Our Staff

A Snail’s Pace continues to be named one of the 50 Best Running Stores in America for the 12th time in the past 13 years and a finalist for the store of the year twice, most recently in 2015. We are thankful and honored for this prestigious award, but we couldn’t have done it without the best staff in the business.

From top to bottom, we are blessed to have such a diverse and eclectic group of individuals that share a vast amount of running knowledge with each and every customer. If you’re a walker, half marathoner, ultra-marathoner, long jumper, sprinter, Spartan racer, or crossfitter, our staff will get you into what you need to reach your goal!


  • Kent Nichols
    Kent Nichols
    Brea Floor Manager
  • Jay Auditor
    Jay Auditor
    Brea General Manager

Fountain Valley

  • Michael Hicks
    Michael Hicks
    Fountain Valley General Manager
  • Guy Morioka
    Guy Morioka
    Fountain Valley Floor Manager
  • Breac Watson
    Breac Watson
    Fountain Valley Fit Specialist
  • Nolan Walt
    Nolan Walt
    Fountain Valley Fit Specialist

Mission Viejo

  • Noah Hass
    Noah Hass
    Mission Viejo Floor Manager
  • Jacob Reimers
    Jacob Reimers
    Mission Viejo Fit Specialist
  • Micah Whitson
    Micah Whitson
    Mission Viejo Fit Specialist
  • Steve Whitson
    Steve Whitson
    Mission Viejo Floor Manager
  • Scott LaRuffa
    Scott LaRuffa
    Mission Viejo General Manager
  • Ashley Gille
    Ashley Gille
    Mission Viejo Fit Specialist
  • Shane Berglas
    Shane Berglas
    Mission Viejo Floor Manager
  • Bob Morris
    Bob Morris
    Running Club Director


  • Ariel Melendez
    Ariel Melendez
    Monrovia Floor Manager
  • Jenny Welch
    Jenny Welch
    Monrovia Fit Specialist