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The opportunity for a fresh start is around the corner; commit to a healthier lifestyle this 2022. Set goals and achieve them with ASP Running Academy this 2022 year in 5K, 10K, Half & Marathon distance classes (in-person or online). Whether you’re training for a road race, getting back into a solid fitness routine, or just getting started — all of our classes accommodate all levels of running, along with the proper guidance you need that will help you achieve your goals.

Our classes will utilize V-Dot, a web-based program facilitated by your running coaches. All of your workouts are accessible whether by computer or by phone. Each program provides flexibility, expert coaching, accountability, socialization, personal convenience, motivation, and a running community that will prepare you to successfully complete your race. Our Running Academy coaches have helped countless academy members achieve their running and fitness goals over the years. 

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Upcoming In-Person Running Academy Classes 2022 – 2023

September 24, 2022

5K & 10K — Back Bay Loop: 2301 University Dr., Newport Beach, CA & Yorba Regional Park: 7600 E. La Palma Ave., Anaheim, CA

Upcoming Virtual Running Academy Classes 2022 – 2023

August 20, 2022

Holiday Half Marathon — Virtual Course

(learn more by viewing our virtual half marathon option down below) 


Classes continuously begin every Saturday.

Running Academy Coaches


Michelle Montiel

Michelle started running at a young age as a conditioning for soccer. The passion for running spouted from there. This passion led her to 9 marathons and a countless number of half marathons, 5K/10K’s, and multiple trail races. Michelle has been coaching for A Snail’s Pace for 20 years and is in constant pursuit of advanced studies to help her become a more knowledgeable instructor. Michelle is an RRCA Certified Running Coach. Michelle’s joy of coaching comes from seeing her runners not only cross the finish line but develop their passion for the sport.


David Griffin

Dave has been an avid runner since his high school years, 1983. He has run countless races, including distances between 800 meters and marathons, but 5K’s are his favorite. Dave has learned so much from the sport and still considers himself a student of running. He began coaching with A Snail’s Pace in late 2011 as an assistant for an LA Marathon training group before later coaching 5K, 10K, and Half Marathon runners. Since then, he has received his RRCA Certification. The most rewarding thing Dave finds as a coach is seeing brand new and returning runners accomplish much more than what they believed they could: witnessing the sense of accomplishment on their faces after completing a long run or a goal race. Dave is also closing in on 800-lifetime races and loves to share his experiences.


Bill Ruebsamen

Bill has been running consistently since 1977. Yes, the first running boom. Bill believes that as a runner, we should test our limits. He has run countless races ranging from 5k to marathons, just recently finishing his 30th marathon in Ogden, Utah. Over the years, he has learned the value of training cycles and recovery, allowing him to be at his best when approaching a goal race. As a coach, he shares his experience, lessons learned from trial and error, and training principles. Since being part of A Snail’s Pace back in 2011 as a 5K coach, he has obtained his level 1 certified RRCA in 2013, coached several 10K classes, and began training runners for marathon distance in 2013 as well.


Sharyn Peters

Sharyn Peters ‘Coach Byrd’ has been running all her life. She was a track athlete in Junior High, High School, and College. She was a CIF athlete in both Hurdles and Volleyball. In 2003 to celebrate her 10th wedding anniversary with her hubby, Jim, they trained for a Marathon. They crossed the race finish line together and continue their marriage marathon to this day. As a Full-Time Parent-Professional, she coaches to share with others her passion for running. She started coaching in 2006 after playing women’s full-contact football and has always felt most comfortable with kids, running and coaching. Her coaching certificates are: local from A Snail’s Pace Running Academy; national from Road Runners Club of America and national from Dr. Sears Wellness Institute.

When injured or side-lined, sharing the sport with others becomes a more meaningful journey once able to return. There will be good days and bad days, but the goal is to finish and finish strong. I lay aside all my troubles when running and just take in the simplicity of what is around me. My goal is to be able to leave the athletes better than when I found them. Giving back to the running community is something I’m always looking forward to; I want them to enjoy running for many years to come, long after they’ve crossed the finish line.


Armando Acuna

Do you want to know why you shouldn’t be wearing a black cap while running? Or possibly why runners should have an off-season? The answers to these runner mysteries and more are yours when you train with Coach Armando (aka Darthmando or The Terminator). A seasoned runner with an impressive resume ( 4 Boston Marathon, a sub 3 HR Marathon, and several road/trail races of all distances). Armando brings a lifelong passion and enthusiasm for running to A Snail’s Pace Running Academy. He’s helped usher new, experienced, and recovering runners to finish lines of all distances since 2009. There’s never a dull moment when training with coach Armando. He’ll do everything from helping you with your pacing, running form, and post-race care. To filling your head with useless trivia, Armando-ism, bad dad jokes, or shouting at you all – to help you reach your goals and inspire confidence in your physical and mental abilities because he believes in every one of you.


Mike Schwartz

If you’re running your first Half marathon or 31st, Mike will help you avoid the common mistakes that most runners can make. His approach to appreciating your running environment will give you more smiles per mile, and his attention to detail will get you across the finish line with less effort, ready to sign up for your next half marathon. Mike has run numerous marathons/half marathons and numerous races of shorter distances, some on pavement and some on dirt trails. He also volunteers as a pacer at the Surf City and OC Marathons every year. Mike’s daily workout is being a UPS driver. He lives in Lake Forest with his talkative cockatiel Eddie.

Running Academy Perks

° Web-based “VDOT” Interactive Program connected by STRAVA (free), GARMIN, or COROS.

° Private group STRAVA page that tracks all your activities while being socially connected to motivate and elevate one another.

° Scheduled  3 days per week run/walk your favorite route, treadmill, track, or trails during the week. You have the flexibility and convenience at any time, at your pace.

° Scheduled 1 day per week in-person training every Saturday.

° Pre & Post workout stretch plans, and sport-specific strength training assignments.

° Scheduled 2 days per week sport-specific strength training workouts. Designed to strengthen running muscles and prevent injuries.

° Videos and handouts to guide you through your workouts.

° Scheduled 1 day dedicated to recovery with instructions to help you maximize your fitness gains.

° Fun and informative in-person workshops along with Zoom group meeting workshops and FB Live Videos, led by Running Academy Coaches, Team Doctors, and A Snail’s Pace Running Shop Associates on subjects such as sport-specific training, injury prevention, nutrition, gear, and more.

° Bi-weekly voluntary virtual races if you would like to participate to gauge progress.

° 10% discount on all store purchases during the duration of your program.

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