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We’re excited to get you run-ready this fall for your specific goals with brand new ASP Running Academy training programs that prepare you for 5k, 10k runs, the Surf City Half Marathon & LA Marathon 2022. ALL RUNNING LEVELS ARE WELCOME. Each program provides flexibility, expert coaching, accountability, socialization, personal convenience, motivation, and an awesome running community that will prepare you to successfully complete your race.

Our classes will utilize V-Dot, a web-based program facilitated by your running coaches. All of your workouts are accessible whether by computer or by phone. Our Running Academy coaches have helped countless academy members achieve their running and fitness goals over the years. 

View below for program details, dates, and locations!


Fall 5K, 10K, Half Marathon & Full Marathon classes are underway.


Upcoming Running Academy Classes 2021 – 2022

January 8, 2022

5K, 10K & Half Marathon — Back Bay Loop & Yorba Regional Park

March 19, 2022

5K, 10K — Back Bay Loop & Yorba Regional Park

May 21, 2022

Long Beach/NYC & Marine Corp Marathon — Back Bay Loop Only

June 18, 2022

Long Beach Half Marathon — Back Bay Loop & Yorba Regional Park


Classes continuously begin every Saturday.

Running Academy Coaches


Michelle Montiel

Michelle started running at a young age as a conditioning for soccer. The passion for running spouted from there. This passion led her to 9 marathons and a countless number of half marathons, 5K/10K’s, and multiple trail races. Michelle has been coaching for A Snail’s Pace for 18 years and is in constant pursuit of advanced studies to help her become a more knowledgeable instructor. Michelle is an RRCA Certified Running Coach. Michelle’s joy of coaching comes from seeing her runners not only cross the finish line but develop their passion for the sport.


Suzie Gulshan

Suzie has been running off and on since she was in high school. Running became a regular part of her life when she joined the A Snail’s Pace Running Academy 5k group in 2014 and like most participants, she was hooked on running with a group of friends. Since then, she has been a Running Academy Coach herself since 2015, coaching the 5k, 10k, walking, and half marathon groups. She is an RRCA Certified Running Coach and an AFAA Certified Group Fitness Instructor. When she’s not running, you will find her on the trails hiking all around Southern California, in the gym, leading hiking events, or teaching Yoga for Runners. “I love coaching the 5K/10K group the most because this is where most of the participants are new to running. Watching them progress and accomplish their goals that some thought impossible, and to go on to challenge themselves further by running beyond that distance, is the most rewarding part of being a coach.”


Guy Morioka

Guy has been a runner for the last 12 years. He has finished numerous long-distance races, including three half marathons on the Great Wall of China. In pursuit of being an improved runner. He has trained in the CrossFit Endurance, DHP Natural Running Clinic, and the Evidence-Based Fitness Academy, to name a few. He found this training dovetails nicely with the concepts of biomechanics, which he uses as a Chiropractor. As an active member of the Snail’s Pace Running Club, he looks forward to sharing his passion for running and the ongoing opportunity to meet new people and spend time with friends. Guy is looking forward to being a Coach for A Snail’s Pace Academy. He feels it’s a natural extension of his passion for running, and from his experience, he can help others achieve their goals.

Coach Bob

Bob Craig

Bob Craig has been an RRCA Certified Coach since 2012. Previously, he has coached groups and individual runners for all distances from 5K to marathon at Fleet Feet Sports in Schererville, Indiana, and the Couch to 5K with AREC in Long Beach. Passionate about running and enjoying it, Bob focuses on form, motivation, health, diet, and wellness as a coach. He has completed eight marathons as well as numerous half marathons, 10K and 5K races. He is new to Orange County and is looking forward to working with runners of all skill levels. Bob is also a personal creative coach, a writer, and teaches, directs, and performs improvisational comedy. Let’s run together!


Jim & Tammy Giordano

Jim and Tammy are RRCA certified running coaches who have been coaching for A Snail’s Pace academy since 2017. Together they have run multiple races from 5K’s to Marathons. They have coached a 10k class and several half marathon classes. Jim and Tammy enjoy sharing their experience, knowledge, and love of running with others. “Coaching people to get to their running goals, go farther than they thought possible, and helping them find their running potential is so rewarding. We feel honored to be a part of their journey”… Coach Jim and Coach Tammy


Elise Cortes

Elise started her running career in high school after she decided to transition sports from basketball to cross country. The one aspect about running that Elise appreciates most is the mental toughness it requires. This trait is useful in everyday life! After her cross country career ended. Elise made running a part of her daily routine. She has participated in 5Ks and half marathons. She enjoys a supportive team atmosphere and loves to meet new people! Elise also has a love for indoor cycling and spending time with family and friends.


Becky Bell

Becky has been running for most of her life. She has completed approximately 500 races, ranging from 5k to 50k races. She is known to be a “Pusher,” as she is proud to help, “Push” others to start running and to start racing. She has privately coached numerous individuals and groups to complete their races, at different levels and distances, in addition to coaching new and experienced runners who prefer not to race. When she’s not road & trail running, she loves God, being with her family, pets, and friends, hiking, biking, surfing, softball, rollerskating, working out, writing, gardening, and making people laugh. One of her mottoes that she shares with runners is, “YOUR RACE. YOUR PACE.”


Kevin Mullen

Kevin has been a long-distance runner for over 20 years. He has participated in more than 30 marathons, including the Boston Marathon, four times. Kevin is an RRCA certified running coach and has coached for A Snail’s Pace Running Academy, the LA Marathon, and the OC Half Marathon. When he is not running, he is hiking, surfing, snowboarding, or doing hot yoga.

“Focus on the mile you’re in, trust yourself, trust your training.”


Bill Ruebsamen

Bill has been running consistently since 1977. Yes, the first running boom. Bill believes that as a runner, we should test our limits. He has run countless races ranging from 5k to marathons, just recently finishing his 30th marathon in Ogden, Utah. Over the years, he has learned the value of training cycles and recovery, allowing him to be at his best when approaching a goal race. As a coach, he shares his experience, lessons learned from trial and error, and training principles. Since being part of A Snail’s Pace back in 2011 as a 5K coach, he has obtained his level 1 certified RRCA in 2013, coached several 10K classes, and began training runners for marathon distance in 2013 as well.

Running Academy Perks

° Web-based “VDOT” Interactive Program connected by STRAVA(free) or GARMIN.

° Private group STRAVA page that tracks all your activities while being socially connected to motivate and elevate one another.

° Scheduled  3 days per week run/walk your favorite route, treadmill, track, or trails during the week, you have the flexibility and convenience at any time, at your pace.

° Scheduled 1 day per week in-person training every Saturday.

° Pre & Post workout stretch plans, and sport-specific strength training assignments.

° Scheduled 2 days per week sport-specific strength training workouts. Designed to strengthen running muscles and prevent injuries.

° Videos and handouts to guide you through your workouts.

° Scheduled 1 day dedicated to recovery with instructions to help you maximize your fitness gains.

° Fun and informative in-person workshops along with Zoom group meeting workshops and FB Live Videos, led by Running Academy Coaches, Team Doctors, and A Snail’s Pace Running Shop Associates on subjects such as sport-specific training, injury prevention, nutrition, gear, and more.

° Bi-weekly voluntary virtual races if you would like to participate to gauge progress.

° 10% discount on all store purchases during the duration of your program.

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