Pub Runs
Pub Runs

Peanut butter & jelly…Thelma & Louise…BEER & RUNNING.

They just go together. It’s the reason some of us run; to enjoy an ice-cold, frothy brew after a tough workout.

A Snail’s Pace helps you cool off those hot summer months with our Pub Run series from March through September, join us at each store for a 2-5 mile run or walk to a local neighborhood pub.

Once you arrive, select the beverage of your choice, served in a commemorative pint glass you can keep and take home. Share your favorite running stories with dozens of new found running friends…and did we mention the first round is on us?? The first 50 people who register are guaranteed to receive a complimentary beverage and take home the ASP pint glass.

Every month we feature one of our fantastic footwear vendors, who bring out the latest running shoes for you to demo during your run. Just a little secret between us, they are known to bring one or two raffle prizes and sometimes free giveaways. Don’t miss out!

Join Us!