Track And Field

Pre-Season Track Guide

Track is here, and so is our preseason guide to get you into the newest, fastest shoes. You’ve put in the miles and all the hard work. We’re here to support you while you’re trying to shave every second possible off of your personal best.

Spikes are a minimal racing shoe built as lightweight as possible. They have thin uppers and little to no midsole foam in the shoe. They have spike plates with permanent or replaceable spikes to give you the most traction you can get. Spikes are category specific – sprint, mid-distance, distance, jump, and throw. Within every category there are premium options, with the most advanced technology out there. We also have great entry level spikes that are perfect for athletes doing multiple events or trying the sport for the first time.

I know it sounds like a lot, so we’ll break it down for you.

Sprint spikes have the least cushion and most rigid plate of any of the spikes. With block starts in short events, you need more structure and rigidity to give you the most energy return.

The Saucony Spitfire is a great entry level option and is perfect for those getting into the sport. A 7-pin Pebax spike plate gives great traction and a fairly rigid plate makes the Spitfire a go-to for sprints.

If you’re looking for a premium feel, look no further than the Adidas Adizero Finesse. This outsole boasts a 6-pin spike plate that has a lightweight feel. The extra rigidity in the midfoot is what makes this spike special and gives you just a little extra spring in each step.

Next up, mid-distance. These spikes quite literally can do it all, which is why it is perfect for multi-event athletes. Mid Distance spikes have just a little bit of cushioning under the heel while still having a decent sized spike plate. As far as running events go, this shoe is great for high school distances from the 800 to the 1600, but can be used for something as short as the 100. For hurdlers, this shoe is a great option, giving you a bit of cushion in the heel for that hard landing, but still rigid enough for running fast in between hurdles.

These are also an ideal option for jumpers that do sprint events and only want one shoe. Jumping creates a huge amount of force, so having that small amount of cushion and a rigid spike plate work well.

A great all-around option is the New Balance MD 500. You get plush comfort underfoot without sacrificing speed. If you’re feeling fancy, the Under Armour Smokerider gives you a full-length HOVR foam midsole while the midfoot shank and dual-density medial support provide a more rigid feel underfoot.

Distance runners, have we got some shoes for you this year! Distance spikes are the most cushioned and have the smallest spike plate, often only in the forefoot. These are ideal for the 800 to the 10,000, when you really want the lightest shoe possible.

A favorite for the entry level athlete is the Adidas Adizero DistanceStar. A full length EVA midsole gives this spike a lot of cushion while still providing grip. When it comes to premium distance spikes, look no further than the Nike Dragonfly. This distance cult classic lives up to the hype, combining a ZoomX midsole with a Pebax plate providing an incredibly springy ride.

Jump spikes are specialized and are event specific. Jump spikes are designed with a very secure lock down upper, so that the impact generated from landing won’t budge. For an all-around jump spike, the Nike Zoom Rival Jump reins champ. For a more specialized long jump spike, you’ll be looking for the Under Armour HOVR Skyline Long Jump. For the triple jump and pole vault, the best option will be the Under Armour HOVR Skyline Triple Jump.

Throwing shoes are the most different from all the other track spikes, since there are no spikes at all! In fact, throwing spikes are made to be completely flat and smooth on the bottom so that you can spin while throwing shot or discus. A great beginner throwing spike is the Nike Rival Zoom Rival SD2. In the Under Armour Centric Grip you get a more premium feel.

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