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Good Form Running
Good Form Running

Running. Easier.

“Isn’t buying a pair of running shoes enough, why should I learn how to run properly?” It’s a little like saying, “Well, I don’t have a pilot’s license, but I just bought this sweet helicopter, so let’s hope for the best!” Knowing the dos and don’ts of running and biomechanics are just as important as a good pair of running shoes!

How you arch your back, bend your elbows, and strike the ground can help take a huge weight off your shoulders while running…like literally. Our workshops aim to take you through the four basic steps when it comes to improving your form:

  • Posture: Making sure your body is tall and not slouched.
  • Mid-Foot: This part is all about landing beneath your hips and gently onto your forefoot.
  • Cadence: Taking more steps while shortening your stride.
  • Lean: You’re not trying to “French Fry” into a pool, be sure your body is balanced, is in check, and you are leaning slightly forward with your eyes looking ahead.

Finally, we record you one last time to compare your stride using GFR and point out any areas for improvement.

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