From start to finish the entire fit-process can take anywhere between 20 to 30 minutes.

We do not, but we do our very best to find a shoe that fits your exact fitness needs. Whether that be running, jogging, or going to the gym!

In addition to our large selection of premade orthotics from brands like Cadence, Aetrex, and Spenco, our new Fit Station does offer custom Superfeet insoles.

Yes we do, sizes start at 1 and end at 5.5. Inventory may vary, due to the fact that it is not as large as the adult shoes

It isn’t necessary! In fact, most of our customers are walk-ins. You are more than welcome to make an appointment* online! Please know that due to the weekends being our busiest time of the week, appointments cannot be made on Saturday or Sunday.

Click Here to schedule an appointment.

30 days from the purchase date*. If the shoes haven’t been worn or are still in new condition then a full refund should be in order. On the other hand, if the shoes were worn and caused discomfort then we will gladly help you find an alternative and accept an exchange.

Experienced runner or on the hunt for a group to run with? Then please feel free to check out our Running Club!

A running novice or new to running entirely? Check out our Coached Training Programs!

Our shoes can range anywhere from $90 to $179*. When shopping with us, we can guarantee the very best when it comes to brands that are both trustworthy and reliable.

*Rough estimate

Run Specialty simply means we specialize in, well, running. Every runner is different which means every one of our shoes needs to be able to match your needs. Other retailers offer quasi-versions of what they like to call “running shoes” but more often than not these shoes offer little to no cushion and virtually no support. This is where we come in!

Not necessarily! More often than not a running shoe will do the job, all the while providing comfort and support that will last you

The lifespan of a shoe relies entirely on the shoe itself, some may last longer than others, though they all tend to follow the same general signs of wear. Here are some telltale signs to keep an eye out for when it comes to seeing if your shoe has run its course. If you answer, “yes” to any of these questions consider stopping by and replacing your shoes!


Do your shoes have more than 300 to 400 miles on them? Remember, more miles means less cushion over time!

The Twist Test:

Hold your shoe up from both ends and twist. Does it twist easily? If so, that probably means the shoe’s midsole has seen better days.

Worn Outsole:

Take a look at the bottom of your shoes? If it resembles a smooth pancake, then the shoe’s tread has worn out and unfortunately won’t be offering you much cushion in the future.

We do not. Our specialty lies in walking, running, and trail shoes!

Absolutely! Knowing how you strike the ground and what your gait is like is integral to what type of shoe you should be in. The wrong shoe can cause injuries, while the right shoe can help prevent them!

We are always looking to add motivated walkers and runners to our team. Please email for current employment opportunities.