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  • ASP x HYLO Celebrate The HYLO Launch Demo Run at A Snail's Pace Running Shop

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    ASP x HYLO Celebrate The HYLO Launch Demo Run at A Snail's Pace Running Shop

    Jul 15th 06:00 PM

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    A Snail's Pace Running Shop
    750 S. Myrtle Ave.
    Monrovia CA, 91016

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    Come celebrate the highly anticipated launch of Hylo Athletics with a demo run. We will also be raffling off a pair of these Eco-Friendly shoes.




    Hylo Story: Fossil fuels are the first cause of the climate crisis. The entire sportswear industry is built using them. We're eliminating the use of fossil fuels (or pretroleum-derived) by using renewable materials in our sportswear. The vision is to remove them from the future of running. The race has begun — and we're moving fast. Our first product, the hylo LIGHT has six key stages in achieving high performance for everyday athletes and low impact on the planet.


    The hylo LIGHT starts with the best materials for performance and impact. Our focus is on renewable materials as we need to move the industry beyond petroleum-based material dependency. Petroleum derived materials have been a staple of sportswear but they are finite, can take thousands of years to biodegrade and are carbon-intensive to produce. The LIGHT priorities renewable materials because they are regenerative, biodegradable and recyclable - and crucially use less carbon.


    Arrive early to get your proper size. We will run a little over 5 miles (or you can run less) Join us for the Hylo After Party!



    The route is just under five miles and finishes at A Snail's Pace before 7:00pm for light refreshments.


    Here's the link to the run route via STRAVA




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