Michelle Montiel

Michelle has been running since 1985 and she still loves it just as much as when she started. Michelle joined A Snail’s Pace Running Academy in 2002 and worked in A Snail’s Pace Running Shop in Fountain Valley for four years prior to being promoted to Director of A Snail’s Pace Running Academy. Michelle has completed nine marathons, 40 half marathons and numerous 5 and 10k’s. When asked why she runs, Michelle said, “describing the thrill of completing a race is like trying to describe a color to someone who was born without sight”.

Snail FAQ’s

How long have you been a Snail?
14 years

What is your favorite race?
Marine Corp Marathon 2011. I was able to run it with my Mom, Brother and Step-Father. A family that run together…stays together!

What is your favorite place to run in So-Cal?
Huntington Beach. It’s where both of my passions, running and the ocean, join harmoniously.

How long have you been a runner?
37 years. I began running at age 6 for soccer training. It was love at first stride!

What is your favorite cross-training activity?