5 Step Fit Process
5 Step Fit Process
5 Step Fit Process

The 5-Step Fit Process

1. Interview

Just like you wouldn’t walk into a car dealership and drive away in the first car you laid eyes on, you wouldn’t walk into one of our shops and pick out the first pair of shoes that catches your eye. That’s why our fit specialists get to know both you and your running needs before ever talking about a shoe. Are you training for your first 5K? Would you consider yourself more of a walker than a runner? Are you currently dealing with an injury? Questions like these give our specialists a much better idea of what shoes and products will make your walk or run more enjoyable.

2. Static Analysis

Did you know that it’s common to have two different-sized feet? Using our Fitstation, powered by HP and Superfeet, our fit specialists will 3D scan both feet and have you walk across a pressure plate to help analyze your foot and foot strike.

Fitstation, powered by HP and Superfeet, has the capabilities of creating a custom Superfeet insole based on your scan and pressure distribution. Coming Spring 2019, Superfeet will introduce their AfterSport custom sandal, and in Spring 2020, Brooks will introduce the Brooks Genesys, the first running shoe fully customized to your feet!

3. Dynamic Analysis

Do you overpronate? Supinate? Are you a midfoot striker? Our fit specialists will conduct a video gait analysis to determine what type of foot strike you have. By recording you running on a treadmill, we can show you in slow motion what level of stability you need.

4. Test Run

Our shoe wall can be intimidating. We carry over 100 models from 10 vendors. Our fit specialists will narrow down the best options and bring out a handful of shoes for you to try on. We want you to know how they feel, so take them for a spin outside or jump on a treadmill for a run. How else are you supposed to know how they feel?

5. Beyond Shoes

Finding a comfortable running shoe is just the first step towards having a great run, but the appropriate socks, apparel, and insoles can take your training to the next level, from setting up a new watch to training advice, our expert staff is here to answer any running-related questions you might have.

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