3-2-Run Fit Process
3-2-Run Fit Process
3-2-Run Fit Process

3-2-Run Fit Process

You’ve probably done a bit of research online and found that there are thousands of running shoes, insoles, and socks on the market. From carbon fiber plates in shoes to socks made out of yak hair, trying to find the right gear to make your run suck less is hard.

Ordering a dozen pairs of shoes online in hopes of finding one that feels good might work, but that takes a ton of time and effort. It’s like playing a wild game of “Running Shoe Roulette” But you know what they say, “Why spin the wheel when you can just run with the right gear!”

What if we told you that finding the right gear is as simple as 3-2-RUN!

3-2-RUN! was created to make finding the perfect shoe easy. Gone is the guesswork of picking a shoe off of a website or a wall. Instead, our fit experts go through three sets of questions to make sure we know as much about you and your goals as possible, followed by two ways of analyzing your feet – static and dynamic – that let us narrow down options that you will love.


Three sets of questions around the three most important running items – shoes, socks, and insoles.

We start by learning about you and your running experience. Are you getting back into it after some time away? First time lacing up a pair? Training for your next marathon? We want to dive into your past, present, and future running plans to identify what items will work best for you. Understanding you as an athlete helps us find the right combination of gear to make you fall in love with running.

Those blisters might not be because of your shoes. Did you know that cotton socks absorb moisture, but they do a terrible job of keeping your feet dry? You may be getting blisters due to a build-up of sweat and friction in your shoe.

Arch or heel pain? Your shoe may be fine, but your foot might not be properly supported. An insole is a great way to compliment your shoe, giving you a much more custom-like feel.


Asking the right questions is important, but it’s not the only thing we do. Each of our Fit Specialists have received months of training to accurately conduct a static and dynamic analysis of your feet. Our shops are equipped with the latest 3D digital foot mapping scanner and software that measures your foot length, width, and arch height. It takes that data and creates a rendering of your foot for us to analyze, along with recommending an insole to provide additional support and cushion.

As an additional option, Fitstation has the capability of creating custom 3D-printed insoles based on your scan results, giving your feet the proper support it needs.

The dynamic analysis takes us to the treadmill, where a Fit Specialist will watch you walk or run in a test shoe to determine what type of footstrike you have. After sharing the recording with you and finding which category of shoe will work best (neutral, slight, or moderate stability, or motion control), we’ll jump in the back and grab a handful of shoes that we feel will be the right fit.


Now it’s up to you! Test ride as many shoes as you’d like until you find a shoe you love. We’ll start with at least three options to gain a sense of what type of cushion and fit you like, then bring out additional styles based on your feedback.

Enjoy the cushion but feel like you need a little more arch? We’ll try an insole to improve the fit. Let our experts show you everything we have in-store to make your next run your best yet!

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