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To encourage club participation and camaraderie, we designate a local "Race of the Month" throughout the year. The Club Canopy is always there for those attending these races.

2014 ASPRC Race Schedule
​​A Snails Pace Running Club, founded in 1978, is a social club designed to accommodate athletes of all abilities. You may have seen us in our New Balance Snails Pace uniforms at local races. The club consists of four Chapters with over 400 members: the original Fountain Valley Chapter, the Mission Viejo, Brea and Monrovia chapters. Our members run at all levels of ability, so you will always have friends to run with for training and racing! There is also a Racing Team available for those who can meet the qualifying standards.

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The purpose of this competition is to: 
a. expand the membership participation at Club races 
b. increase Club visibility within the running community at local races 
c. create inter-Chapter competition and camaraderie 
d. establish an award activity for all members at the next All-Chapter Party 
e. have fun

How it works
This competition is based on the Club's annual series of 12+ races where members earn points based on their performances.

The top 20 are recognized at the All Chapter Gala at year’s end and whoever accumulates the most points (scoring their best nine of the twelve+ races) is crowned winner. The Snail’s Cup winner receives a free pair of New Balance running shoes, a year's membership renewal and their name engraved on a perpetual Snails Cup Trophy which is displayed at their Chapter Snail's Pace Store for the following year. 

 At each race a results clipboard is provided at the Club Canopy to record finish times. Unregistered "bandits" are ineligible from participating. Members receive an additional 100 points for wearing their Club uniform. Bonus travel points are awarded for traveling more than twenty miles to the race (using your ASP Chapter Store as your starting point).

0 - 20 miles = 0 points
21 - 40 miles = 50 points
41 - 60 miles = 100 points
61 - 80 miles = 150 points
81 - 100 miles = 200 points
Trail runs, pub runs, beach parties and holiday parties are among the many activities our club shares. We encourage members to participate in all social events, which can be found on our MeetUp calendars.

Fountain Valley calendar
Mission Viejo calendar
Brea calendar
Monrovia calendar

You will be proud to wear the New Balance uniform and distinctive jackets of "A Snail's Pace Running Club". They are an effective psychological tool at the races and can be purchased at A Snail's Pace Running Shop.

Any especially fast members, who can meet the qualifying standards, are eligible for our Racing Team. Elite runners selected for our Racing Team receive some special considerations, thanks to our New Balance affiliation. For more information about our qualifying standards please inquire at any A Snail's Pace Running Shop for a Racing Team application form.

Our free monthly newsletter faithfully reports your race results and keeps you informed of all the clubs activities.
The ASP Running Club is Social group for all levels of runners. Members meet either at the stores or at nearby locations to go on weekly fun runs. 

A twelve month membership is $30 – individual, , $50 - family. Members receive a 10% discount on all purchases, including sale items (unless otherwise specified) at all A Snail's Pace Running Shops.

Each store hosts its own chapter of the club. Click on the links above to visit a store's chapter.
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