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Anita Power
Brea & Mission Viejo

Hello, my name is Anita Power and I'm thrilled to have the opportunity of coaching APSRA's LB Half Marathon course! I've been running for nearly 3 years and have completed several half marathons, 10K's, 5k's, trail runs, and mud runs. Having participated in previous ASPRA trainings, I've found it to be a wonderful experience in which I've gained valuable running knowledge and experience. Best of all, I've been able to make and maintain wonderful friendships. My goal for you as coach is to help you reach your running goals in a safe, supportive, and fun approach!

Kathleen Cox

I started running back in 2001 and haven't looked back since. My husband is part of the A Snail's Pace Running Academy and our son is a cross country and track runner in High School. Running is a huge part of our daily life. I joined the Running Academy last year by subbing in for Snail's Pace coaches. In my years of running I've completed 3 marathons, Rock'n'Roll San Diego being my favorite. I've also run 1/2 marathons, 5 and 10ks as well. All have been fun and exciting. There's nothing better than the feeling of crossing the finish line in a running event. Running to me is no gym required, part of my daily routine, miles of trails, friendships made and goals achieved. It's throwing on your running shoes wherever you are, being outside, healthy life style and never ever regretting having gone on a run, even when at times it's a tough run. That "runners high," there's nothing better than that.
Jeanette Joya

Jeanette has been running since 1979, when she was on the track team for her grade school. She always kept running as part of her exercise routine. After doing several 5 & 10K's, she decided to take it to the next level and in 2007, joined Snails Pace Running Academy to complete her first Half Marathon. Since then she has completed 4 Half Marathons and her first Marathon in 2008 in Dublin, Ireland. She joined the coaching staff in 2009. When she is not coaching, Jeanette is an outside sales engineer for high tech electronics and a mother of 5. "My mother started my drive for fitness", Jeanette says, "when she used to make me exercise with her to Jack La Lanne, at age 5. I run to keep balanced, stay in touch with myself and it gives me energy to handle my busy life and makes me a better mother, wife and person. I hope I can share my enthusiasm & knowledge of running with all of you and help you reach your goals".
Stephanie Alire
RRCA Certified Coach

My name is Stephanie Alire. I am currently a coach for the 201 group that started in Jan, 2012, and meets at Yorba Regional Park in Anaheim. I also work part time in a Special Education program at the high school level. After running in a 5k and a half marathon, I joined ASP in 2006 to train for the Orange County Marathon. It was a great experience to train with a group and priceless on race day to see friendly faces along the route. I never played sports or exercised in my youth. I began jogging, mountain biking, and became an indoor cycling instructor in my early thirties and found I love the feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment after a great workout. I've learned to appreciate the mental clarity and stress relief from a slow run and good stretch routine. I've continued to race over the years and always made a point to stop by the ASP tent for a cup of good cheer. I love being on the coaching end now! My philosophy is: run for pleasure, purpose, or physicality, but only compete against yourself.

To enroll in a course after online enrollment has closed, contact Michelle Montiel at (714) 392-3290

Margot Ochoa
Fountain Valley

Margot enjoys outdoor sports such as snowboarding, biking, and golfing, but running has become her passion and primary activity for maintaining physical fitness. Margot began running 5Ks in 2008. Her most memorable experience was running her first half marathon with her two older sisters at the 2009 ING Philadelphia Distance Run. Since then, she has run 3 full marathons, 19 half marathons, and several 5Ks and 10Ks. She joined A Snail's Pace Running Academy in 2009 and found that the positive group dynamics and coach support were key in helping her achieve her running goals. In 2011, she was an assistant coach to Joy Weber and Kelley Kelly and went on to become a Running 201 head coach in 2012. Margot is willing to support runners and help them attain whatever they aspire. She believes it is equally important for runners to build their outward physical strength and develop their individual inner strength; only then, will they see genuine results.

Victoria "Honeybadger" Knight
RRCA Certified Coach
Brea & Fountain Valley

Victoria (aka Coach Honeybadger) is not your prototypical running coach. Relatively new to running, she started running in mid-2005 upon the advice of her personal trainer. Adding running to her fitness regimen helped her incinerate more than 65 pounds in six months. Victoria has been a loyal runner ever since and started running 5k and 10ks in 2007; half marathons in 2008; and graduated to her first LA Marathon in 2009.

Victoria has been coaching for A Snail's Pace since 2011. She has coached two RA 101 classes get to their 5k goal races and has coached the Disneyland, Tinkerbell, and Surf City Half Marathon groups. Having done most of her running and race training alone (or with vicious running coaches) prior to joining A Snail's Pace, Coach Victoria believes in the camaraderie that ASP RA provides its members. Good Form Running-certified, she also believes in the mental aspect of training providing positive reinforcement and encouragement to help make runners mentally stronger as well.
Jose Gonzalez
RRCA Certified Coach
Monrovia & Brea

Jose feels coaching is a very fulfilling position because there is no better feeling than seeing someone who at first thought they were not a strong enough runner to finish a 5k accomplishment their goals. He currently runs to maintain his fitness level to participate in running events like 5k's, 10k's and Half Marathons. Jose has been running seriously since 2007 when he ran the Nike Run Hit-Remix at the Colosseum. Before that he was using running as a way to warm up before he started a physical activity like Martial Arts, Softball, Basketball and weight lifting. Right now his short term goal is to get a Triple Crown Medal in 2013 for running three Rock n Roll Half Marathons. His long term goal is to some day run a Full Marathon. Jose feels that you get out of your fitness what you put into it, in other words, go strong or go home.



Join A Snail's Pace Running Academy for our Kick-Off for Fitness Party! We are here to help you reach your running and fitness goals.

At our Kick-Off Party, you will meet many others wanting to figure out their path of fitness. We will have doctors as our guest speakers talking to you about how to set achievable goals, and how to avoid the pitfalls of injury.

Don't miss out on the raffles with great prizes such as FREE Brooks running shoes, FREE enrollments into the Running Academy, hydration and nutrition products and packs and much more.
Also, each enrollment fee will be discounted on this evening only. New enrollment fee is normally $150 and will be $140 at the Party. Alumni enrollment fee is normally $125 and will be $115 at the Party.

We will have food & beverages and running related giveaways.

All coaches and the Academy Director will be on hand to answer questions on each of our current courses

spnsored by
RUNNING 201, the Running Academy Half-Marathon Training Course, is ideal for first time Half-Marathoners, as well as veteran half-marathoners that enjoy group training.

We recommend that you have either completed RUNNING 102, or have been running regularly for at least five months before considering this Course. By our definition running regularly is running four days a week for 3-4 miles during each run consistently for the last 5 months. You must be able to complete a three-mile run on the first day of training.

On the first day we will conduct a fitness evaluation using the 12-minute Coopers test or a two-mile time trial in order to determine each runners level of fitness and to properly place each runner in the appropriate Pace Group.

This 12-16 week Course is designed where you will follow a schedule which follows a five level of progressing training pyramid beginning with base training, strength/endurance training, speed training, peaking and tapering. You will be doing Long Runs once a week with your Pace Group on either Saturday or Sunday morning depending on your location. In addition your scheduled weekend long run your schedule will require you to run four days during the week on your own time.

In order to satisfy your weekly mileage we offer two options for you. First is Coach-less fun runs are available on Monday through Thursday evenings with A Snail's Pace Running Club. The running days and time vary based on each chapters running schedule. Please visit for club locations and times. The Second option is you may also participate in coached runs with the Running Academy 102 class for the weekday evening sessions. The days for training vary based on the training location. Your coach will provide specific details to you

The goal of RUNNING 201 is to help you achieve your half marathon running and fitness goals injury free.

Included in the regular registration fee is professional coaching by certified coaches, personalized training schedule, BROOKS training cap and tech shirt, coupons for discounts in our shop, and 10% discount on all purchases at any A Snail's Pace Running Shop for the duration of your training, not to mention FUN!

Note that the Running Academy training fee does not include Race Registration fees. You are responsible for your own race entry.
Mission Viejo
Saturday 7:00 AM
A Snail's Pace Running Shop
24451 Alicia Parkway
Mission Viejo, CA 92691

Brea/Yorba Linda
Saturday 7:00 AM
Yorba Regional Park
7600 E. La Palma Ave
Anaheim, CA 92807

Saturday 7:00 AM
Encanto Park
777 Encanto Pkwy
Duarte, CA 91010

Fountain Valley/Huntington Beach
Sunday 7:00 AM
Edison Community Center
21377 Magnolia St
Huntington Beach, CA 92646

Sharyn Peters
Mission Veijo

Sharyn has been running for over 35 years. She ran track in Junior High, High School and College. Now she runs for stress relief and alone time as she is a full-time parent-professional. Sharyn has run many 5k's & 10k's, numerous half-marathons and 5 marathons. Her goal with coaching others is not only to share her passion of running with you but to leave you better off than when she found you.

Nicole Risdall
Fountain Valley

Nicole grew up in Fullerton, California and fell in love with running when she started sprint races with her dad at the age of seven. By the end of fifth grade, Nicole was competing in sprint races for her school and carried on this passion through her junior high and high school career. After graduating from Cal State Fullerton with a degree in Public Relations, Nicole moved to New York City to pursue a career in healthcare PR. While living in NYC, Nicole started distance running to help alleviate the stress of life/career in the Big Apple. In August of 2009, Nicole competed in her first half-marathon in NYC. Upon finishing the race Nicole realized how much she missed the atmosphere and energy at races, as well as the camaraderie found throughout the running community. Since then, Nicole has competed in numerous races from 5Ks to half-marathon distance, as well as triathlons.

Nicole is deeply committed to health and fitness. In addition to her career in healthcare PR, she is the founder of LA Sports Health & Wellness, a health coaching program which helps individuals make gradual, lifelong changes that enable them to reach their current and future health goals. Nicole's goal is to combine her years of running experience and health education background to help people achieve their goals. 
Tuition for all 201 courses - Regular: $150.00, Alumni*: $ 125.00
*Completed any Running Academy Course in the last 90 days.
Lisa Rients 
RRCA Certified Coach

Lisa has been running since 2009. She has firsthand experience with all levels of the Running Academy courses, having completed all of them herself. Lisa has competed in numerous races at the 5, 8, and 10K distance, in addition to running eight half marathons, two 21 milers, and one marathon. When asked why she runs, Lisa said, "Whatever I put into running comes back to me twofold. With the health benefits, the personal satisfaction, and the friendships I've made, running is a gift that gives endlessly."
Luigi Guereca
Mission Viejo

Luigi began running in high school where he participated in cross country and track. He went on to run these events for his college. After some years away from running,Luigi decided to fulfill the lifelong dream of running the LA Marathon. In 2010 he ran the LA Marathon which would mark the beginning of his marathon career. Since then, he has completed 1 ultra marathon, 11 marathons, 6 half marathons, 1 UST&F Road Mile and countless 10k's & 5k's.

Luigi is actively involved in A Snails Pace Running Club as the 2012 Vice President for the Fountain Valley Chapter. In the January issue of California Track & Running News he authored an article about the Long Beach Marathon. Luigi interviewed several of the elite athletes that later participated in the Olympic Trials.

Luigi enjoys coaching because of the opportunity to pass on the knowledge he has gained by running races throughout California.
A Snail's Pace Running Academy is the official training program for the OC Marathon, Half Marathon, and Wahoo's OC 5K. This time around, our training programs are available exclusively through You can register for the race and our training program as a combination package deal. This package not only gets you signed up for the race, but gets you into our training program at a discounted rate. What a deal! Make sure to select "Registration - Half Marathon With Training" when you're checking out. We'll see you at the finish line!

For additional information, contact Michelle Montiel or Joy Weber
*No refunds
**All transactions will be managed by OC Marathon - not A Snail's Pace
OC Half Marathon
Start Dates:
Saturday, January 11th - Brea, Mission Viejo and Monrovia
Sunday, January 12th - Fountain Valley
Event date: May 4, 2014
Enrollment is now OPEN - Register Here

Disneyland Half Marathon
Start Dates:
Saturday, May 10 - Brea, Mission Viejo and Monrovia
Sunday, May 11 - Fountain Valley
Event date: August 31, 2014

Long Beach Half Marathon
Start Dates:
Saturday, June 21 - Brea, Mission Viejo and Monrovia
Sunday, June 22 - Fountain Valley
Event date: October 12, 2014

Holiday Half Marathon
Start Dates:
Saturday, September 6 - Brea, Mission Viejo and Monrovia
Sunday, September 7 - Fountain Valley
Event date: December 14, 2014

1040 E Imperial Hwy
Brea, CA 92821
24451 Alicia Pkwy
Mission Viejo, CA 92691
750 S Myrtle
Monrovia, CA 91016
8780 Warner Ave
Fountain Valley, CA 92708
Friday, March 28
Saturday, March 29
Come to our Kick-Off Party 
All Kick-Off Parties start at 
6:30 PM
For more information or to RSVP for a party
contact your local Running Academy Director
Fountain Valley & Mission Viejo
Michelle Montiel
(714) 392-3290
Brea & Monrovia
Joy Weber
(714) 514-2786
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